Beach Fellowship

The third Saturday of every month at 6:00 PM (Subject to change)
Point of Contact: Kyle Scalf


As the body of Christ, we want to get together and celebrate God! He does so much for us daily and we want to show Him how much we love Him! Join us as a brother or sister in Christ and fellowship and worship with us every third Saturday of the month.

***If you plan on going please be sure to mark yourself as going (this is different from interested) so we know how many to expect!***

Parking is free and will be at Church by the Sea on Madeira Beach, there is a cross walk and beach access right across the street.

Address: 495 137th Ave Cir, St. Petersburg, FL 33708



***Parking permits will be needed for the Church by the Sea parking lot and parking will be closest to their marquee on gulf to bay, to get a permit you can email and we will email you one to print out OR we will have additional permits on site when you show up

***Some times may be subject to change based on sunset and weather so be sure to keep checking in for updates

***Places to sit will not be provided so please be sure to bring your own chairs and/or blankets


The following is the itinerary, although it may not be extremely punctual, we will let the Holy Spirit take control and do as we feel led.

Setup: If you wish to help set up or want to come a little early, this is when we plan to arrive.

Fellowship: During this time we will have time to fellowship, meet someone new and join in activities! Some activities will be provided, but if you have a fun game to play at the beach, bring it!

Breaking Bread: Around this time, we will bring everyone together, pray and break bread with one another. Food and drink will be provided, but if you have a favorite dish, bring it to share with your family in Christ!

Worship: After everyone has finished eating (or may still be grazing), we will start worship. This will be open mic, so bring your guitars, ukulele, drums or whatever instrument you may have that you want to give praise to our merciful, amazing God! If you can't play an instrument, bring your voice!